Plan a Cross-Country Trip

Why settle only for the streets of the city if you have a whole country to ride a bike? Here are some tips to make your road trip a safe, unforgettable, and eco-friendly adventure.

The use of bicycles as a means of Transport has become popular all over the world for comfort, economy, health, and environmental awareness. The bike is no longer limited to children’s games or professional competitions but has become an excellent alternative to go to work, study, or take a walk around the city. However, if you have the right physical condition and the necessary safety considerations, you can also make long bike trips and turn road transport into an adventure.

So that your journey is full of good memories and you don’t have hard to fix on the road, below is a list of useful tips for cycling on the streets around the country to become one of your plans.

Precautions before travel

  • Define the distance and difficulty of the journey according to your physical abilities.
  • Train before making the trip to increase your stamina and performance.
  • Check your bike before leaving and make sure it is in good condition for a long trip.
  • Learn a little basic mechanics; you can have some mishap on the road and know at least how to peel a wheel can be of great use.
  • Plan the route you’re going to take. Try to choose roads with little vehicular traffic, the pavement in good condition, and few curves.
  • Try to make the tour with a group of cyclists. It is always better to have the support of a team in case of any eventuality, and a group of cyclists is more comfortable to identify by the other vehicles at a distance.
  • Eat well and consume enough liquid before starting the journey.

The necessary equipment needed for your tour

  • It is essential that you wear a protective helmet as long as you move on a bicycle.
  • Choose comfortable, colorful, and eye-catching clothes so that the vehicles on the road can see you easily.
  • Give your bike at least two reflectors, one at the top and one at the bottom, so that it is visible on the road even when the natural light of the environment is low.
  • If possible, use a bell or whistle to announce movements or stops on the track.
  • Take a padlock or security system with you in case you have to park your bike somewhere.

Recommendations during road travel

  • Don’t wear headphones to listen to music while riding your bike. Although it may seem like a good idea to set your sights on the road, it is essential that you keep an eye on the noises of vehicles, animals, or pedestrians passing through the way.
  • Respect all traffic rules, remember that your bike is also a vehicle and that the law applies to everyone.
  • Always carry your identification document.
  • Mark each of your maneuvers with your arms, so the other vehicles know how to react to a turn or a stop.
  • Maintain a moderate speed; adrenaline indeed increases when the rate is higher, but in the same way, you are more exposed to an accident because your ability to react is more limited.
  • Stay hydrated during the tour, and if necessary, make strategic stops to recover energy and feed you.
  • If the weather changes dramatically and the sun is too intense, or a torrential downpour begins, you better stop and wait for weather conditions to improve to avoid dehydration or road accidents.

Take that part, look for a good company and embark your journey towards the destination of your choice with the assurance that you did not pass for great any detail, and that the only thing that you will need to think about is enjoying the scenery and the experience of traveling by road mounted on your bike.