Kasea Motorsports Mopeds

Kasea Mopeds are the cream of the crop! At half the price of a Japanese manufactured moped! And yes Cycle Boyz has them!


You’ve always wanted one. Now, that’s reason enough.

These days, most manufacturers sell M-class scooters for more than most of us paid for our first cars. That takes a lot of fun out of getting from her to there. Kasea is going to change all that. From now on, every errand is a chance to feel the wind in your facae. After all, you have places to go.

No surprises

If you’re after a long-term bargain, don’t forget to ask hard questions about maintenance. Our low price is great, and so is 60-70 mpg, but what happens if someone bumps into your scooter in the parking lot? A long, costly search for parts? Not with Kasea. Our Seattle parts warehouse means next-day availability of parts via UPS. And Kasea’s engine will look familiar to any mechanic who knows Japanese mopeds or motorcycles. With Kasea, the only surprise is how much fun you’re having.

Let a parked RV stay parked

Of course, not everyone wants a motor scooter for getting from here to there–some want it for getting away from it all. We have a simple solution: a one or two-scooter “Kasea Carrier.” Just plug it into the same reciever you use to tow your boat. And you can still tow! Now the fun and convenience of motor scooters can be available any time because the Kasea definition of freedom is freedom on your terms. With two styles to chose from the Kasea 50 and the even more feature richKasea 50b! Take a look!